Jul 302012
Toy Story Embossed Metal Lunch Box

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Once again, having a reputation as a Buzz Lightyear fan has paid off.  My son and his wife came to visit me recently.  It was sort of a belated birthday get-together, and they came bearing cool gifts.  In a creative move, they used a Toy Story 2 Buzz Lightyear metal lunchbox as a container for some of the other gifts.
When I opened the gift wrapping, there was my excellent new Buzz Lightyear lunchbox!  All by itself, that would have been great… but since the lunch box seemed heavier than it should have been, I opened it up and found an Indiana Jones T-shirt and a very high-tech watch as well.  Kind of a triple-threat gift.

If you’re thinking of the old-time metal school lunch boxes, it’s not quite the same.  First off, the new breed of lunchbox is smaller- about 6″ x 7 1/2″ x 2 3/4″.  There’s also no thermos inside.  I see these as being more like a collectible lunchbox than an actual meant-for-use box.  If you like, they can still carry food, but mine’s going on display with my Buzz Lightyear collection.  It’ll make a cool backdrop for some of my smaller and medium Buzz Lightyear figures.

Another point to note; the lunch box is embossed on one side, and smooth on the other.  The handle is a shaped plastic grip (a bit too small for my adult hands), with a Toy Story sticker lining the grip inset.  While licensed by Disney, it’s produced by the Tin Box Co.

This being a licensed product, the side art is spot-on perfect and the quality is exactly as it should be.  It’ll be great as a display item.  Like I mentioned, I’ll arrange some of my smaller Buzz figures around it like a small diorama.  Below is a pic showing my Buzz lunch box as it currently stands in the collection.  It’ll probably be moved around a bit until it’s just right.

This is an excellent addition to my collection, and I can happily recommend it to other Buzz Lightyear or metal lunchbox fans!

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