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Toy Story Backyard Deluxe Electronic Buzz Lightyear.   Hmmm…

This Buzz has some good things, and some bad things.  On the good side, he’s full-sized, says some different-from-the-usual phrases, and comes with a compass that Buzz can wear.  (The compass can be worn by the “playee”, as well.)  He looks good, pretty standard design for a full-sized Buzz. Joints move as normal, helmet can be opened and closed.

The best thing about Backyard Buzz?  He’s durable.  Over and over, customer reviews highlight the rough-housing he goes through, and survives with flying colors.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many customer reviews raving about his durability.

On the bad side…  Let’s start with the obvious:  Change a few phrases, include a (working) toy compass, and you’ve got a whole new Buzz…  Backyard Buzz Lightyear…   Well, no.  I don’t think there’s enough difference here, or enough sophisticated electronics, to justify his nearly $40 price tag.

I’ve paid that much and more for Buzz, it’s not completely a matter of price.  It’s a matter of, this Buzz should be in the ‘under-$30’ price bracket, and that’s being generous.

Also is the voice.  Usually, if he comes with authentic voice, the description will say “the Real Buzz Lightyear’s voice”.  This one does not, leading me to wonder about the voice.  On the other side, one reviewer stated that he says quotes from the movies, so in this case, he… probably… has the real voice, since it’s easier to digitize existing audio than to hire someone to re-voice something.

Something to think about:  On the Amazon vendor description, it describes the item weight as 3 pounds, and the shipping weight as 1.8 pounds.  It’s been a long time since I went to school, but I’m pretty sure if he starts at 3 pounds, he’s not going to weigh LESS after being packed for shipping.

One more thing to consider, and this can be good or bad, depending on viewpoint.  Backyard Buzz has NO wings.  Again, for this price, wings ought to be included, but they’re not.  I will give him some benefit of the doubt for being wingless; doubtless it contributes to his toughness.  If he had wings, they probably wouldn’t survive rough treatment quite as well as he does.

Final thoughts:  I like Backyard Buzz for his ability to survive.  That almost counterbalances the negatives.  (And if you’re shopping for a hard-playing child, maybe it does.)   But no wings, and very limited features, make this Buzz way overpriced.  He’d need to be about half that price before I’d spend money on him.


Toy Story Backyard Deluxe Electronic Buzz LightYear
Overall Rating:
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List Price: $19.99

Amazon.com Price: (as of 2017-11-23 22:14:50 GMT) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Product Description

The backyard is a big place. Luckily, Buzz Lightyear is equipped for any situation. His lasers are fully charged, his suit is clean, and his compass is always ready to help him find his way home!

Help Buzz Lightyear save the galaxy – or at least the backyard! Press the green button on his suit to hear cool phrases, like “Get those lasers ready!” You can attach the working compass with its flip-out magnifying glass to Buzz Lightyear’s arm to help him navigate through the tall grass – or strap it to your own wrist and lead the way through the yard and beyond!

Product Details

  • Articulated Buzz Lightyear figure has posable joints and a retractable helmet, and features electronic lights and sounds!
  • Figure also comes with a working compass!
  • Ages 3 and up.

Customer Reviews

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