Feb 152013

00BuzzValentineYou’ve got to love a wife who tolerates my crazy hobbies.  Monique doesn’t just tolerate them… she encourages them!

Case in point:  My Buzz Lightyear craze.  With a bit of luck, this blog makes enough to pay for it’s own upkeep.  Which comes to about $12 per year.  I spend an inordinate amount of time building my collection, reading and writing about Buzz and Toy Story in general.  Some spouses would feel I spend too much time playing with children’s toys.  Not Monique.  She buys me Toy Story Valentines Day cards.  And Toys.  Wait till you see the Buzz Lightyear light-up helmet she got me!!!  (Sorry, not here… it’s worth a post all by itself.  Going to do a video review soon.)

Using cool Hallmark online technology, she actually customized my card.  It’s actually got my name right on the front:  “Alan, I looked all over for the perfect valentine for you…”

And of course, the punch line inside is awesome.  “But they don’t make candy hearts that say: Our love will last to infinity and beyond!”

That’s just cooler than cool.  She actually got 3 different cards for me, but the other two have nothing to do with Toy Story.  (One’s a Superman card, and the other is more like ‘normal’ people give each other – I love all three!)  But since this is a Buzz Lightyear website, that’s the card I’m showing here.

Okay, maybe you’re thinking this is just silly.  Disney and Hallmark over-marketing at it’s finest.  Too hokey for adults.  I say, we need to be kids at heart!  Sure, I can point out bad things, get cynical and depressed.  I could be a downer to all my friends and family.  And I’m human, so sometimes that happens.  But the best things in life happen when you open yourself up a bit.  Let the inner kid out, and remember what plain old, simple FUN is.  Adults have a way of messing things up.  Learn from the children.

The coolest thing about Monique is her appreciation for my childish side.  Years ago I was playing Runescape (Thanks, Josh!!) and she walked by my computer, stopped, and said “That looks like fun.”  Now, some 8 years later, she’s a player mod, we’re both maxed combat players, and some of our most fun comes during our weekly “Penguin Hunt” date night.

Another example… A couple of years ago, she wanted to do something different and unique for an anniversary.  Something together, that we could share in.  So… my answer?  I went out and bought some plastic models.  We spend the entire day building models.  Me with a Dragon that needed a repaint.  Her with a Revell Dracula model kit.  She’s come a long way from that first kit.  I usually build super-heroes, she usually builds monsters, though that’s not set in stone.  Or resin.

How many wives would be willing to do that?  I used to work at Blockbuster, and we rented a lot of games to young men.  They thought it was awesome that my wife didn’t get jealous of my games… she joined in and excelled at them!

So is she on the same page when it comes to Buzz Lightyear?  Well… no.  But that’s okay.  She has her own collections.  You should see our computer room.  The walls are full of shelves full of her Lord of the Rings collection.  Except where our model collection is.  Or my super-hero figurines are.

Getting a Buzz Lightyear valentines day card?  That just says it all.  There are many things that make us right for each other.  But the fact that we have fun together?  Too cool.

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