Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Buzz Figure

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Feb 192012

The Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Buzz Figure is a major departure from Buzz Lightyear’s normal sculpt.  With a blockier build and more cartoony look, he’s got his pros and cons.  I do like the size- at 6 inches tall, he’s a good size for toddlers, and a nice mid-range size for collectors wanting to balance their display.  The cartoony look seems more child-friendly, as does the overall design.

For his size, he has a nice feature set; speaks a few phrases (3 to 5), is minimally poseable.  The product description says “fully articulated”.  I disagree.  If you look closely at the joints, his movement is limited.  It’s decent, for a mid-sized Buzz, but definitely not to the level of the average 12″ Buzz.  The voice is activated by the round red button.

The wings come off, and battery access is beneath the wings.  This is part of the pro/con I mentioned.  The wings will pop off, rather than break.  That’s good.  But it also makes them easier to misplace.  Another plus/minus is the helmet, which does NOT open or close.  This could be mildly disappointing to a child, but it’s also safer for a toddler.

I’m a bit of a purist, and usually prefer my Buzz Lightyears to look accurate, but this design works nicely.  Even with the changes in head and overall proportions, he still has the “Buzz Lightyear / Toy Story” feel.  They did a good job keeping his essence true to character.

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly high, at 4 or 5 stars.  The one single exception was due to price.  As always, it pays to do your research before buying.  (But then, that’s why you’re here reading this, right?)   :^)

Final thoughts:  Well-done figure, imaginative approach.  On a personal basis, I quite like him, and wouldn’t mind adding him to my collection.  Compared to the normal heavy 12″ figure, this Buzz is more durable, and easier to carry around.  Very suitable for toddlers.

Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Buzz Figure
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $17.99
Sale Price: $24.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
From the Manufacturer Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Figures: Your favorite Toy Story 3 characters are ready to speak their minds. 6-inch fully articulated figure says 3 to 5 key phrases from the film at the touch of a button. With the simple touch of a button or pull of a string, your favorite Toy Story 3 characters will say phrases straight from the film. Each stylized figure is just waiting to speak its mind. Product Description This pose-able, electronic figure features phrases from the Toy Story 3 movie! This action figure is perfect for recreating your favorite movie scenes….

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Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear Figure 2-Pack

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Feb 162012

Update:  I got a specific answer from Mattel a few minutes ago.  For the final details on Buzz and Woody, see below (just under the email from Amazon)

Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear Figure 2-Pack differ from the Buddy Packs.  Buddy Packs feature small (Usually 3 to 4 inches tall) pairs of figures.  The Woody and Buzz 2-pack offers a much larger scale, at least according to the product description.  There are discrepancies between the descriptions and the customer reviews that make me think they aren’t all talking about the same thing.  For instance, one customer says they’re ‘small’.  Yet, the product dimensions are “12 x 3 x 10 inches”.  That’s not small.  Especially for what amounts to static figures.  On the other hand, it’s pretty darn rare for a larger item to be non-articulated.  On top of that, the price is just under $30.

It gets even more confusing:  Sears offers the same set for $83.  Plus, one of the customers mentioned that he “didn’t expect much for that price”…  For nearly $30?  For $80?  I’d expect some electronics, some movement, maybe wings and a laser.

Lots of mixed signals.  Are the figures large, small, articulated, not?  So I sent an email to Amazon.  That in itself wasn’t easy.  Lots of confusion, and all the ‘contact seller’ options just said to contact Amazon.  Turns out the seller is actually a subsidiary of Amazon.  Here’s the email I sent to Amazon Customer Service:

“Hi, I’m trying to find out about the  Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear Figure 2-Pack.

The product description lists this at 12 x 3 x 10 inches, yet some customer reviews refer to it as small?
Also I see references to Woody being poseable, but Buzz is either not articulated, or only minimally so.  Exactly how ‘moveable’ is Buzz and Woody?
Last question:  The price is $27.06, yet someone stated “didn’t expect much for that price”. Are the reviews all talking about the same set?  Has the price changed drastically because of availability?”

I got a reply quickly. Not really an answer, just a reply.  Judge for yourself:

“Hello, Thanks for writing to us at I understand that you’d like to know about the “Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear Figure 2-Pack”.

I’ve checked the toy on our website and see that the size of the toy is listed as 12 x 3 x 10 inches. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more information about the toy; all of the information available is displayed on the item’s product detail page.

You can contact the manufacturer directly for more information about the toy. Here’s their contact information:

Manufacturer name : Mattel

Phone: 800-524-8697

In regard to the price, I see that this toy is available from warehouse deals, the prices associated with Warehouse Deals items are as unique as the products Warehouse Deals offers. As a result, we aren’t able to comment on the prices they offer. Warehouse Deals items are unique I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem? “

So, I’m going to contact Mattel, and update here with the result.  Hopefully all will be clear soon.

I just got off the phone talking to a Mattel representative.  Wow, they are soooo nice!  The lady I talked with had to physically walk somewhere else because her computer did not have the answers… and twice, she went and found the answers for me.  It was a great pleasure to talk with a real person who actually sounded glad to take time and help.

So… here’s the details:  The PACKAGING is about 10″ tall.  The figures within are around 5 to 6 inches tall.  That explains a lot of the discrepancies between product description and customer reviews.  Woody is poseable.  Buzz is not poseable, but if you squeeze his legs together, a laser pops out.  Neither one has any electronics.  No voices, no battery-driven features.

Again:  5 to 6″ tall.  Woody poseable.  Buzz not poseable, but has a pressure-triggered hidden laser.  No other features.


Final thoughts:  (Rewrote this part after talking with Mattel.)  Based on the final information, I like this set a lot.  The Woody and Buzz Lightyear Figure 2-Pack seems to have decent playability, and a good small-to-mid size for display in my collection.  I do NOT like the current price, but with any luck, as time passes, the price may go down.  If I could get it at a decent price, I’d be glad to have this set.

Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear Figure 2-Pack
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (6)
List Price: $19.99

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Disney Spanish Speaking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure — 12”

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Feb 092012

Spanish Speaking Buzz Lightyear is an excellent addition to the Toy Story lineup.  I love that he’s true to Toy Story 3, when Buzz was accidentally put in Spanish speaking mode.  The build is typical of a high-quality 12″ Buzz action figure.  Plenty of articulation, including wrists and fingers.  This Buzz comes with ALL the prerequisites… Of course, he speaks Spanish.  Of the three small buttons on his right chest, the Blue one offers one of 19 different Spanish phrases.  The Red button speaks in English.  The English speech is in the REAL voice of Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), and speaks 15 different sayings.

His helmet retracts, his wrist communicator flips up.  Push the large round red button, and his wings pop out.  This is one of the new generation of Buzz figures with movie-accurate wings, which is just awesome.  No more stubby pop-out wings.  The wingtips light up with flashing red and green lights.  The jetpack flashes red light off and on.  Another movie-accurate (to Toy Story 1) feature is the karate action.  Spanish speaking Buzz has the karate chopping arm, activated by a button on his jetpack.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a pretty common issue, so let me reiterate: the new style of wings are designed to pop off with a certain amount of pressure.  Rather than break, they snap off and back on.  Getting them back on is something of a procedure (see guide here)  but I think it’s great protection against accidents.

Other than that, he comes with the laser button on his arm, and his face is a different design than normal.  Still in perfect ‘Buzz Lightyear’ character, but it’s more evocative of how Buzz acted in TS3 when he was “Spanish”.

One thing that Spanish Buzz lacks is the “Play/Demo” switch from the movie.  This is a little odd, because I have two other Buzz figures that DO, so it shouldn’t have been that hard to add.  But still, this is a fabulous version of our favorite spaceman, with added features that actually make sense within the context of the movie.

Of the available customer reviews, he rates an average 4 1/2 stars, with absolutely NO BAD REVIEWS!  Many rave about him, especially how durable he is with children.

Final thoughts:  Only the best here.  He’s on my wishlist, and I already have his place picked out, right next to my TS2 movie-accurate Buzz with the antigrav belt!

The video below is a little shaky at times, but clearly focused and does an excellent job of highlighting his features.

TS3 Buzz Lightyear English Spanish Talking Action Figure
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $24.50
Poseable Buzz Lightyear speaks English and Spanish just like in the movie. Press red button and Buzz speaks English. Press blue or green and he speaks Spanish.

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Disney Toy Story 4 Figure set Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Rex

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Feb 062012

This 4-figure Toy Story set (Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and Rex) has an undeservedly bad reputation on Amazon.  Personally, I think they suffer from over-expectations.  I’ve collected small pvc figures for years.  (Mostly super-hero and anime characters.)  These little figures are what they are.  You’re not going to get fine sculpting and exacting paint jobs.  The ‘state of the art’ has come a long way since I first began collecting, but still, the quality is never going to be at the level of a normal toy.

Once that’s understood, the charm of these characters really shows through.  They’re colorful, they capture the essence of Toy Story… and this set includes Buzz Lightyear, which is enough to make me want them.  Also, they make wonderul birthday cake toppers for your little Toy Story fan.

Oh, the price?  I’ve paid nearly $8 for some of my single small pvc figurines;  Up to $15 would have been okay with me.  At the current price of $1.75…Even with shipping, it’s still decent.  As far as shipping goes, yes, at this price, shipping will far exceed the cost of the toys.  I did look into Amazon’s free shipping, but the seller with the $1.75 price does not participate in the free shipping program.  Shipping is $7.95 with this seller.  Other sellers offer them for around $9, and do participate in the free shipping program.  Either way you go, looks like the price is going to be around 9 or 10 dollars.  Still, for 3″ PVC figures, I find that an acceptable expenditure.

One of the reasons I love this type of figurine is the size.  It doesn’t really matter how many I’ve got, they just don’t take up that much space!

Final Thoughts:  True, the quality of small pvc figures suffers compared to normal toys.  But that’s the nature of PVC figures.  I love them, and am definitely ordering my set!

Disney Toy Story Figure Playset (4 Piece)
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (262)
List Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $5.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Join all your pals from Andy’s Room with this figurine set. This adorable set of 4 comes with Rex, Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear. Each figurine measures approximately 3. Great for children or collectors! Make great cake toppers as well.

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Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure — 12″

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Feb 042012

No.  Just… don’t do it.  This Buzz has serious issues.  While I was researching him, I noticed something odd about his customer reviews.  5 of the 31 high-scoring reviews were ‘salted’ by the same reviewer.  If you take out the duplicate reviews, his customer rating average would go down from 3 1/2 stars to 2 1/2 stars.  This had to have been done either by a loyal child trying to boost his favorite toy in the ratings… or by a questionable seller trying to raise his scores.

Either way, bad result.  When you look at the high number of complaints, several other things jump out.  To begin with, the Product Description on Amazon claims “This is the quintessential, classic, truly original Talking Buzz Lightyear…”  blah blah blah.  Lies.  I have the truly original Buzz Lightyear, the first one ever released, and this is in NO way close to him.  After all the years, and no battery installed (for his protection), I may have forgotten some details, such as how many sayings he has (this Buzz only has 5), but I know for a fact his front chest button is supposed to trigger the wings.

As a matter of fact, I’ll go so far as to say, I have never before seen a 12″ Buzz Lightyear that does NOT trigger the wings from the big red button on his chest.

If you read the customer reviews, they uniformly state this Buzz does NOT trigger from the front chest button.  Instead, he has a button ON HIS BACK that opens the wings!

Many reviews, even the positive ones, mention how easy he is to break.  Quite a few complain of recieving Buzz used, not new… damaged, and dirty.  One in particular said Buzz had been stuffed in a clear bag and closed with a garbage tie.

In all fairness, I do have to defend him on two points.  First of all, the paint scheme.  I have seen legitimate Buzz Lightyears with a slightly darker skin tone.  Probably just the occasional random variation in the factory.  Same with the gloves, the all-white/gray gloves are a legitimate variation.  Second, the wings popping out horizontally.  Originally, this was the ONLY way a 12″ Full-size Buzz could be found.  For a number of years, there were no other options.  Having a Buzz Lightyear with true movie-accurate wings is a relatively recent occurence.  (At least, in the 12″ toy.  I have some smaller early Buzz toys with more accurate wings.)

Still, the complaints and reviews, and just plain “padding” by the reviewer who goes by “A Kid’s Review.”  He has no link to see his other reviews.  I tried to report the duplicate reviews to Amazon, but only got a generic “This is abuse” link.  Sent it anyway, maybe they’ll figure it out.

Also, the product details claim he has a “voice sampler”.  This is inaccurate.  I think what they meant, was that he speaks with a digitized voice.  A sampler is something different, and there are no indications that this Buzz can sample and repeat voices.

One final quibble- At this point in time, Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure — 12″ (to give him his full title) costs $32.95.  For such a low-end Buzz, that’s just way, way overpriced.

Final thoughts:  There are several Buzz Lightyears claiming the title of “Ultimate.”  I own two of them myself.  But this Buzz is NOT, in any way, shape, or form, an “Ultimate” Buzz.  I strongly recommend you pick another Buzz.  This one just has too many warning flags to take a chance on.

Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure -- 12
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $24.50
Sale Price: $32.95
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
”This is an intergalactic emergency,” declares your favorite Space Ranger who’s come to the rescue with this Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure. Our Buzz Lightyear toy has lots of exciting features that will give your young Toy Story fan a smile that stretches to infinity and beyond. Imported. Press button to hear five different Buzz phrases. Features voice sampler and sound effects. Press button for wing release. Press arm laser button for laser light and sound! Retractable helmet. Poseable joints. Buzz’s Space Ranger suit features special glow in the dark effect! Plastic. 12” H. Requires 2 AA batteries, included. Ages….

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Toy Story Space Buzz Lightyear Figure

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Jan 272012

Mixed feelings about this one.  Buzz has a brand new costume, part of the Toy Story Space lineup of figures.  I like the looks.  As great as the traditional suit is, an occasional variation can be a lot of fun.  Especially when it’s an excellent design.

With Toy Story Space Buzz, all the normal white space has been changed to black.  There seems to be no other color change.  He’s at that mid-range size, just under 6 inches tall.  One of the nicer parts of this figure is his articulation.  His shoulders, hips, elbow, and knees are moveable.  At this size, normally the articulation is less.  He comes with helmet in the ‘open’ position.  It does not move.  Seems kind of odd, if this is the ‘Space’ series, you’d think he’d need his helmet to close.

As far as extras, he comes with a (relatively) large gun that fires a single plastic missile.  Other than that, his bonus features are sparse to none.  No voice.  No laser sounds.  No wings.  Don’t be too upset, that’s pretty normal for this size.  He makes a great display piece.  Actually, his better-than-average articulation (for a mid-size) and durability make this Buzz a pretty good choice as a toy.  Just remember, he’s a basic action figure.  No big flashy features.

Up to this point, all is well, and I’m loving Space Buzz.  But here’s the sticking point:  At this moment, his price is $61.99.

Notice where the decimal point is?  Sixty-plus dollars?  His original retail price was more like $10.  What happened?

So I puttered around the internet a bit.  Checked ebay.  Apparently, this little guy is very hard to get.  He’s either right around $60, or he’s not available.  Every site I could find with the original retail price listed him as no longer available.

Maybe this will change in the future.  But for now, I would have to think VERY seriously before shelling that much money out.  Sure, he’s nicely done.  But for that kind of money, you can get a full-size Buzz with all the bells and whistles.

So, final thoughts?  Don’t do it.  Not unless you really, truly, need this to complete a set.  Go to garage sales.  Check out flea markets.  Otherwise, the money could be better spent on a different Buzz.

Just to give you the idea, this video shows Buzz.  At one point, the reviewer has a short for-fun video of an adventure the toys have.  Remember, that’s voice-over.  Not the actual toy speaking.  :^)

Toy Story Space Buzz Lightyear Figure
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $10.99
Disney Toy Story Space Buzz Lightyear Figure

Travel to infinity and beyond with Disney Toy Story Space Buzz Lightyear Figure. Blast off into outer space with Buzz Lightyear and embark on a memorable space travel adventure.

Why You’ll Love It: Buzz Lightyear looks cool and realistic in his high-tech spacesuit with buttons and in his blue utility belt.

Age: 3 years and up


  • Realistic design
  • Durable for repeated play
  • Flexible body with movable arms and legs
  • Gun shoots out a missile

Includes: Early Toy Story 3 artwork

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Toy Story 3 Defender Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

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Jan 262012

Defender Buzz Lightyear is one of those toys that seem geared more toward collectors displaying their set.  When viewed as an addition to my own collection, I’m happy with him.  He’s a 6-inch figure in a semi-static pose.  Very minimal movement, mostly at the shoulders and hips.  If you can’t adjust the elbows and knees, moving the shoulders and hips seems kind of pointless.  I think he’d be better served as a completely static display piece.

His face seems correct, but possibly not as good as some figurines.  I can’t put my finger on it, he just doesn’t seem spot-on.  Maybe it’s just me.  I checked with my quality control officer (Monique), and she thought he looked exactly right.

Durability might be a little under par.  There were only three customer reviews on Amazon, and that’s not really a fair data pool to extrapolate from.  But one of the three reported a leg coming loose, and having to be popped back in.

There’s just not that much more to add about Defender Buzz.  Mid-height, good sculpt, not very poseable.

My take:  Not for children.  They’ll be disappointed.  If you’re buying for a child, find a different Buzz, preferably one that lends itself better to being ‘played with’.  After all, that’s a major element of the Toy Story mythos, that toys are for children to play with!

If you’re a collector wanting a good mid-sized display Buzz, he’s already in a nice pose, and looks dramatic.  So… collector, yes.  Children’s play toy, no.

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Defender Buzz Lightyear 18cm Poseable Figure
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (18)
List Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $8.00
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Defender Buzz Lightyear Poseable 5 Inch High Action Figure

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Disney and Pixar Toy Story 9 Inch Plush Figure Buzz Lightyear

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Jan 252012

I always knew Buzz was just an old softie.  The idea of a plush Buzz Lightyear may seem a little strange.  After all, it’s Woody who’s the stitched cloth doll.  But it’s really a nice idea for youngsters who like a huggable toy to keep them safe at night.  This is the 2nd plush Buzz I’ve run across.  (Click here to see the other: Toy Story & Beyond Buzz Lightyear Cuddle Plush Doll )

With the first plush, I liked him a lot, but did have to wonder about the hard plastic helmet.  If you’d rather give your child a safer one, this 9-inch Disney/Pixar Buzz figure is a little more appropriate.  He’s not quite as tall as the other, but only by a small amount.  The face looks to be vinyl, and the rest is all soft plush.  Good fit for a toddler, and comfortable.

As with any Buzz Lightyear toy, and more so with plushies, dirt is probably his biggest enemy.  With a space suit that’s mostly bright white, it won’t take long to pick up a few intergalactic scuffs and smudges.  While a periodic cleaning (following manufacturer’s instructions!) is a good idea, I think for the most part, Buzz is just going to look like he’s been busy protecting the galaxy from the evil emporer Zurg.

Disney and Pixar Toy Story 9 Inch Plush Figure Buzz Lightyear
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (26)
Sale Price: $19.18
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Disney and Pixar Toy Story 9 Inch Plush Figure Buzz Lightyear

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BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Toy Story 3 Posable Action Figure – Disney / Pixar one size

 Toy Story 3  Comments Off on BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Toy Story 3 Posable Action Figure – Disney / Pixar one size
Jan 222012

Today we’re taking a step back to the mid-sized Buzz figures.  This one stands 5 inches tall.  The graphics are good, though not as good as the full-sized ones, of course.  He’s got decent artiluation.  No smaller pieces move, but the arms and legs are positionable.  It’s nice to see the ratings are completely positive.  He’s well-designed and sturdy.  A good play figure for a younger child, but still decent enough to add to a collection.  While I prefer the full-sized ones for my collection, I like the mids and small Buzzes as well.  He’d fit well into my mid-sized collection, as a matter of fact, he’d be one of my favorites.  The price, around $10, is reasonable for the size.

Don’t look for bells and whistles here.  The emphasis is on having a good solid design that can stand up to a lot of play.  My overall take?  He’s a great toy for younger children, and would be a good addition for collectors looking to fill holes in their mid-size category.

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Toy Story Posable Action Figure - Disney / Pixar
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $19.95
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
If you’re a fan of the Toy Story movies, you’ll love our Disney Pixar Toy Story Basic Action Figure – Buzz Lightyear! Kids will love recreating their favorite movie scenes and making up new stories! The Disney Pixar Toy Story Basic Action Figure – Buzz Lightyear features: Full articulation, 5-inches in height, and the personality and fun of your favorite Disney Pixar’s Toy Story character! Ages 4 and up. From Mattel.

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Toy Story 3 Talking Action Figure – Buzz Lightyear

 Pixar  Comments Off on Toy Story 3 Talking Action Figure – Buzz Lightyear
Jan 212012

This Buzz is extremely similar to the last couple, but still different enough to be listed seperately, and to have a different price point.  Lets start with the usual features:  He talks in Tim Allen’s voice, using phrases from the movies.  The laser lights up and makes laser sounds.  Some of the newer features that are becoming standard (at least on the 12″ higher price-point Buzzes) include lighted wing tips, jetpack, and wrist.  Push-button retractable helmet, karate-chop arm, and the usual articulation.

I really like that most of the moden models have movie-accurate wings, with the accurate motion.  The original ones always had those stubby wings that just popped straight out.  It’s nice to see good wing proportions, and to watch them swing out and lock into place when you push the button.  Same with the karate motion.  I never understood why they didn’t do it that way to begin with, but I’m glad to see that someone at Disney finally got it right!

I often see people rating the toy complain about the wings popping off.  I’m thinking on making an entire post to the point, but to put it briefly, they’re designed to pop off, and be put back on.  Not to say the they can’t be broken, but more often than not, I’m betting they just haven’t read the instructions.

I DO have one problem with this toy as described.  The Product Description paragraph claims Buzz can say over 15 different phrases.  Yet the Product Details specifies over 30 phrases.  I can’t find anything that clarifies between these two claims.  Somebody wasn’t paying attention when they wrote up the Amazon description.  Since I don’t (yet) have this one, I can’t prove one over the other.  So, if you order this Buzz, be aware of the discrepancy.  He might be closer to 15 phrases than to 30.  If that’s an issue, try one of the other Buzzes.  There’s such a huge variety with such minor differences, there’s plenty to choose from!

Toy Story 3 Talking Action Figure - Buzz Lightyear
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (162)
List Price: $41.99
Sale Price: $25.00
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Talking Buzz Lightyear . Talking action figure with original voice. Press Buzz’s voice sampler for original voice & sound effects. With retractable helmet, pop-out wings and laser button with sound effects, this 12″ Buzz is ready for any intergalactic adventure. 30 sayings and sound effects.

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