Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear Widgets

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Feb 222014

Wind-up Buzz Lightyear

Wind-up Buzz Lightyear

Subheadered: The key to fun!   That’s kind of a cute pun, since this Buzz comes with a key to wind him up with.  I love Buzz Lightyear toys, and my collection is very large by now.  Often Buzz is the de facto gift when family members are choosing Christmas or Birthday gifts.  Lucky for all of us, I like duplicates, so it doesn’t have to be unique… but sometimes someone finds one that’s completely unique, and that’s even cooler.

This year, my John and Anita (my son and daughter-in-law) found something really unique.  A small (about 3 inches tall) wind-up Buzz Lightyear toy.  It’s a spin on the old wind-up toys.  They’ve been around for years, you wind them up, they wobble back and forth while moving forward.  What makes this one different is his wings.  Rather than go with ‘always open’ or ‘always closed’, the wings are spring loaded.  After taking a few steps, they pop open on their own.

Yes, I’m easily amused.  Still, that’s a neat twist.  So is the key.  The ones I’ve seen before usually have a wind-up knob on the side or back.  Buzz’s is on his left side, actually embedded into his elbow.  You can wind it by hand, but it’s easier to use the key.  He gets a reasonable amound of travel on a good winding, maybe a couple of feet.  That may reduce some after I’ve played with him a while.

The color scheme is good, though not as crisp as usual.  His arms are fixed in place.  They’re molded as part of the body, no detachment at all.  The left arm doesn’t even have a shape or outline to separate it from his body.  That’s fine with me, most small wind-up figures lack detail.  It’s probably to keep the overall weight down.  Too heavy with detailed parts and he wouldn’t be able to walk much.

The last element is his face.  Buzz Lightyear’s face feels just a little bit off in the sculpt.  Again, I can live with that.  But the eyes are disappointing.  They didn’t paint his eyes properly, they’re all black with a white reflection.  This is the only part I’m not happy with, and fortunately, a tiny dab of blue paint should fix that.  I build and paint model kits for a hobby, so touching up his eyes won’t be any problem.

In a nutshell:

  • Mechanicals: 5/5 (love the wings popping open)
  • Paint:  3/5 (the eyes are my only real complaint)
  • Sculpt: 4/5 (for a small wind-up toy, it’s typical)

You can see his movement in the video up above.  Overall, he’s a good piece to add to my display collection, but he’ll probably wear out or break easily if treated as a toy.

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Buzz is On A Mission – Toy Story Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

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Feb 092014

It’s been ages since I’ve written here, but I’m finally back.  This is the first of 4 Buzz Lightyears that are waiting on reviews.  The rest will follow as time permits.  For now, let’s take a look at “Buzz is on a Mission”:

It's a Buzz in a box!

It’s a Buzz in a box!

The box he comes in is typical Hallmark design, and about 5 ” tall.  Buzz himself is 3.5 ” tall, and is wrapped in lots of white tissue paper for protection.  The batteries are the kind you see in cameras, and come included in the package.  No installation instructions because, really, why would you need them?  :^)

There’s one shiny silver screw holding his jetpack in place, and what better place could you possibly find for power cells?  I grabbed a tiny phillips head screwdriver and went to town.  Two things caught my attention here.  First, the screw is finely threaded, so it takes longer than you’d expect.  Second, the fit is very tight, and it took a while before I realized it was ready to be opened.

The sculpt is exactly what you’d expect for a Disney/Toy Story product.  High quality all the way.  The detailing is great, right down to the open wrist communicator.  It even has a color decal, which is kind of overkill since the angle makes it unlikely that anyone will see it.  The paint job is sharp and the edges clean.  The colors are a bit muted.  Rather than the very bright colors most Buzz Lightyear toys have, his colors here are more pastel.  If you look under his feet, he has the trademark “Andy” signature.


No moving parts (except for the voice button).  He’s very sturdy, and has a solid heft for his size.  The wings do NOT pop open… “Not a flying toy”.  Buzz’s balance is excellent.  He stands firmly on is feet, with plenty of stability.  There’s no helmet, but that’s an acceptable design choice.  I’d have liked him either way.

The voice is awesome.  Clear, crisp, and very understandable.  I love how high-quality the sound is.  He’s even got more than one phrase.  It’s the voice that led me to make a video of him.  This was originally going to by picture-only, but with audio, he really deserves video.  Plus it provides a chance to show battery installation.

Hallmark plus Disney plus Toy Story is a winning combination.  Just remember if you’re buying for kids, this is a display figure, not an action toy.  As such, and with the built-in speech, this Buzz is a winner.

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Buzz Lightyear Disney Forever Stamps

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Jul 212013

BuzzForeverStampsBuzz Lightyear Forever!  Or, at last on a Forever Stamp.  I’ve never noticed these before- the USPS has been doing it’s “Art of Disney” stamps since 2004.  This particular stamp is part of a pane full of Disney characters, from “Cars”, “Ratatouille”, “Wall-E”, and “Up”.  And of course, Toy Story.  I’m not a stamp collector, so I guess somehow this just zoomed right past me.  Until Monique ordered a sheet for my collection.

The plate I’ve got, showing Buzz Lightyear surrounded by LGM… Little Green Men… was first released in 2011, according to a post on the Los Angeles Times blog.  It’s news to me.  Not sure exactly how they came to Monique’s attention, but she saw them recently, and knew I’d enjoy the Buzz stamp.

She’s right.  And I’m on a roll right now.  Before this it was the promo poster of Buzz and Woody for Peachtree Playthings.  Now it’s the stamps.
Now I’m in a bind.  Being an avid Buzz Lightyear collector, the stamps could just stay in the acetate sealed wrapper, and go on display.  Or, they could get peeled up and stuck somewhere appropriate.  It would look nice having one of these stuck somewhere on my computer monitor.  I don’t usually worry about keeping my toys in the original container.  Normally they just go on display in whatever way seems most fun.  But in this case, I kind of like the whole sheet.  If I open them and stick the individual stamps all over the place, they may not get enough appreciation.

Overall my preference is to keep the stamps in their original sealed bag.  Maybe they can be like a wallpaper background behind some of the figures on display.

She also found some Tarzan stamps, too.  Those appeal to me a lot.  As a Tarzan fan, these are awesome.  But I don’t have a website about Tarzan, so he’ll just have to share this short mention on Buzz’s site.  :^)

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Buzz Lightyear Disney Toy Story Cupcake Stand – My Mini-Buzz Display Case

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Nov 302012

Cupcakes? What cupcakes? This is my mini-Buzz display stand! (Click the pic to see at Amazon)

The Disney Toy Story Cupcake Stand is made out of cardboard, with designs featuring my favorite spaceman and friends.  Even though Buzz Lightyear isn’t part of the official title, he’s got prominent placement through the design.

It’s true, a cupcake stand isn’t part of my normal interests, but in this case, there’s a certain space ranger that makes it fun.  Besides, you may not believe it but I actually have this!  Mom got it for my big 50-year blowout birthday party.  It did fine with cupcakes, but the real reason I have still have it is because it makes a great display stand for my smaller Buzz figures.

The stand… stands… 12 inches tall, with a bottom base of 9 inches.  As far as cupcakes go, my impression is that it’s a bit small.  I suppose smaller child’s cupcakes would work fine.  The height isn’t so bad, but you just can’t fit that many cupcakes on the platters. It worked really well as the cupcake centerpiece display, and room for the rest all around it.

Also, the stand is not extremely sturdy.  A few careless children all reaching for a cupcake, it seems highly likely someone’s going to knock some cupcakes to the floor.

Do I recommend this one?  Kind of a hard call to make.  If you’re going to use it for actual cupcakes, then I recommend you keep the cupcakes small, and the stand somewhere visible so they’ll enjoy it, but out of reach, so it won’t be knocked over.

If, like me, you want it for a display stand, then yes, I’m more comfortable recommending it.  Put it on a stable shelf somewhere, artfully pose a few Buzz Lightyear mini figures around it, and it’s a winner.

Price is where I have to draw the line though.  For a few pieces of lightweight cardboard, the current price is $7.84.  That’s marginal already.  If you have to pay shipping too, then it’s a deal-breaker.  If it was a better price, or had free shipping, I’d be happier.

What it really boils down to, is how much of a die-hard Buzz fan is it for?  If you’re doing a full Buzz/Toy Story themed party, then by all means, go for it.

You see why I’m having a hard time making the call here.  I like it… but not for cupcakes… and not at the current price.  Try Wal-Mart, if you have the option.  I’ve heard it’s less than $5.00 in-store.  That’s where Mom got mine from.

If you do get it, at least it’s got some after-the-party usefulness!


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By the Sword of Lightyear… I have the Power!

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Oct 122012

I was sitting at my computer recently (of course!) typing away, and Mom came home from one of her yard sale runs looking like the cat that just swallowed the canary.  She never looks that way just for the heck of it, so I turned to see what was up… and she had a light-up Buzz Lightyear sword!

I’ve never seen a sword for Buzz before, so it caught my attention in a hurry.  We popped batteries in (2 double-A’s), pushed the button, and it worked like a champ.  It’s obviously seen combat, what with the wear and tear.  Some chips and dings, especially on the paint on Buzz’s chin.  I have to assume it’s played a part in the defeat of Evil Emperor Zurg, Sworn Enemy of the Galactic Alliance and Buzz Lightyear’s arch enemy.

Given it’s bold part in defending our galaxy, the right thing to do is give the sword a  permanent place of honor in my collection.

I tried to find out where the Lightyear Sword came from, but its past is shrouded in mystery.  Some say it came from “Toy Story on Ice”.  Yet others claim it was part of a set designed to accessorize a Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume.  The truth is out there, but that’s as much detail as I’ve been able to get.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no reliable source for the sword.  My usual favorite, Amazon, doesn’t have any.  I’ve found an old eBay listing from eBay UK, but nothing current.  Wish I could tell you where to consistently find them, but so far no luck with this one.

I’m certain my new sword is sensitized to the evil of Zurg.  If Emperor Zurg ever comes within a parsec or two, I fully expect it to glow in warning.  Like Gandalf’s sword, Glamdring.  In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this image of me performing a uniform and weapons check.

On a side note, I wore my Buzz Lightyear T-Shirt grocery shopping recently- and it was the hit of the store!  The young gentleman bagging my groceries was very excited about it.  Made my day, especially since I’d been feeling under the weather.  We talked Toy Story until my whole order was rung up.  He offered to push my cart to the car and load up for me… but that just doesn’t seem in keeping with the uniform.

Nothing like meeting another Toy Story fan to brighten your day!

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Toy Story 3 Foam Gliders (4 count)

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Oct 072012

Who wouldn’t like a flying Buzz Lightyear?  After all, it’s the one thing he can’t do that even Buzz things he CAN!  I shouldn’t admit this, but when he leaped off the stair railing in Toy Story, my heart just about broke.  Animated movie or not, I can really relate to it.  That moment when a deeply cherished belief is broken.  It’s no wonder it destroyed his faith for a while.

Fortunately for Buzz, Woody was there to correct Buzz’s priorities. Buzz might have thought it was all about his total abilities as a Space Ranger, but ultimately, it was his value as Andy’s toy that gave Buzz a purpose in being.  Woody may not have intended everything that happened as a lesson for Buzz… and as a matter of fact, it turned into a learning event for Woody as well as Buzz…  but things tend to happen for a reason.

So when I was searching for Buzz Lightyear collectibles from the party supplies, I was thrilled to find a flying Buzz.  Unfortunately for this party favor, Woody is not there to help.  And even with wings, this Buzz needs a lot of help.  To put it simply, he doesn’t fly.  Not far, not well, and he certainly doesn’t survive many crash landings.

Bear in mind, it IS a cheaply made piece of foam.  Not intended for long-term play.  Not very expensive.  I suppose you get what you pay for in this instance.  He looks pretty neat, but just doesn’t have the balance or durability to make him a winner.  IF I was going to use these gliders in a Buzz-themed party, I would assemble them and hang them from the ceiling as displays.

They do come with plastic tips to improve flying balance, but the tips aren’t much help.  As far as the durability goes, one customer on Amazon suggested clear contact paper.  It won’t make them fly any better, but they might survive the children’s playing a bit longer.    For a cheap party favor, I don’t expect much.  But a little research indicates these were originally Hallmark products.  I do expect better from Hallmark.  Guess that’s why they’re being sold by 3rd party vendors.

The best thing I can say about these, is they look good, with well-done graphics, and you get 4 per pack.  Oh well.  Forewarned… don’t buy these unless you just want them for decorations.  Sorry, I’d love to report better.  If I find a better version, I’ll be sure to update this.  As they are, I’m sure the kids would be immensely disappointed with the playability.  Don’t disappoint the kids- pass these by.

Toy Story 3 Foam Gliders (4 count)
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (15)
Sale Price: $3.42
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Toy Story 3 Foam Gliders (4 count)

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Toy Story 3 Buzz Flying Petite Cake Topper

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Sep 272012
More Toy Story themed party favors!  I can’t believe it took me this long to think of looking for Buzz lightyear under party favors…
This one is a classic Buzz Lightyear pose as he flies across the galaxy.  He looks pretty good in the one close-up picture provided.  I could wish for a clearer pic, and a view of the back.  But from what can be seen, he looks right.  At least enough so that it has that correct ‘Buzz Lightyear’ feel to it.
The sculpt and the pose appeal to me.  Not enough detail on the picture to make out the painting quality, but it seems at least decent.  Though they’ve got the wings solid green, that’s not a deal-killer in this case.  One thing I don’t like… the picture shows the cake topper on top of a small roundish cake.  It’s an excellently designed cake, but my first assumption was to think it was all part of the topper.  I was wrong.  The topper itself is comprised of ONLY the Buzz in flight figure.  If you look carefully, (it blends in with the white frosting) you can see the round base that keeps Buzz upright.
At least the price, size, and overall quality make more sense now.  At first I was trying to figure out how they did all that for the price.  Now I know… they didn’t.  So be sure and look twice.  It’s not a big sculpted topper, it’s just a small figurine of Buzz.
As small plastic figurine cake toppers go, it’s a very nice one.  I’d enjoy seeing it on my birthday cake… but I think I’d want a bit more.  A few figures here and there on the cake, maybe some nice decorated images in the frosting.  But as part of an ensemble cake decoration, it’s a great topper.
On the other hand, I like it very much simply as a small pvc plastic Buzz Lightyear figurine.  I don’t require high detail on the small ones (though it’s always cool when one does have it).  It’s a great small piece to include as a background support item for my larger figures.
Toy Story 3 Buzz Flying Petite Cake Topper
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $8.25
Sale Price: $8.25
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

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Buzz Lightyear Birthday Candle: Wilton Toy Story Candle Set 2811-7770

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Sep 212012
Another really cool Toy Story party favor.  This one is a Buzz Lightyear candle standing slightly over 3″ tall.  His colors are a bit on the pastel side, not nearly as bright as normally portrayed.  But They’re nicely done, in a ‘toned-down’ sort of way.  The candles are hand-painted, which appeals to me.  For an inexpensive, mass-produced, hand-painted candle, the features are great.
I might not accept the paint job in a more expensive toy, but for a candle that’s (most likely) going to light up someone’s birthday cake, the quality is very acceptable.  The proportions are good, the detailing fine (again, considering this is made of wax and expected to be burned).  They did an excellent job capturing Buzz’s personality.
The flat base means he stands well on his own.  It also means he’s going to pull the frosting off the cake when it’s time to remove him.  If that matters to you, I’d recommend getting 4 candles, and mounting one at each corner of the cake, but not actually on the cake.  (It’s a round cake?  Just imagine the corners are there…)
Personally, I’d like that.  A square or rectangular sheet cake, possibly multi-layered tiers .  A Buzz candle at each corner, and maybe some small (like the Buddy Packs) Toy Story figures on the edges of the tiers.  I could really get into this!
Actually, my sister-in-law did a cake for me when I turned 50, that was similar.  But far more personalized.  She actually sculpted many of my favorite super-heroes out of fondant, and built them onto the cake.  One of the figures was her own personal creation of me, if I was a super-hero!  It meant a lot to me.  Enough that I preserved all the figures I could in a clear block of lucite.  Turned out great… except the Hulk’s toes stick out a little bit.  For the whole story, (and incriminating pictures), feel free to click on the link and see my 50th birthday cake.
As far as the Toy Story birthday candle, I would enjoy seeing them at my next party…  :^)
Wilton Toy Story Candle Set 2811-7770
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (25)
Always a party favorite, Toy Story candle is handpainted with fun details

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Buzz Lightyear Toy Story 3 Treat Boxes

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Sep 192012

In my (off and on) constant search for cool new Buzz Lightyear items, today I ran across an entire category I’ve previously missed… party favors!  I’m going to start with party favor boxes, just because they showed up at the top of my results list.

These Toy Story 3 Treat Boxes truly are a treat.  Very clean design, great graphics, and amazingly like the Buzz Lightyear Boxes the toys in the movie came in.  As a matter of fact, one Amazon customer stacked hers on a shelf in rows just like the toy shelves in Al’s Toy Barn from Toy Story 2.

To be clear, these do NOT include the treats.  That’s your job…  These are flat cardboard sheets measuring 8″ x 6″.  They have to be folded up, candy and toys put in, and sealed.  Once the box is sealed shut, it cannot be opened without tearing.  Be sure it’s loaded correctly before sealing it.
The boxes have enough room for some small candies and toy.  The same customer I mentioned above suggested a single green plastic army man.  I think that’s a very clever idea, and appropriate to the Toy Story theme.

There are 4 boxes (actually, flat sheets of cardboard to be folded into a box) per pack.  With the image quality printed on the boxes, these look extremely nice.  If I had a Buzz Lightyear-themed party… and these were provided… I would most certainly keep a few just for display.  (Monique, are you listening?)

I really wouldn’t care about candy being in the boxes or not, but a small properly-themed toy would be great.  If not an army man, then maybe a Buddy figure… those include most of the Toy Story characters in a small format.

I like these Buzz Lightyear treat boxes.  Yes, it’s something of a do-it-yourself project.  You’ll have to assemble them and provide your own filler.  But the price is more than reasonable, and leaves plenty of room for creativity.  If they showed up at MY party, I would be very happy!

Toy Story 3 Treat Boxes
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (20)
List Price: $4.50
Sale Price: $10.95
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Treat Boxes

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Buzz Lightyear (Disney Pixar Toy Story 3) Life-Size Standup Poster , 27×48

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Aug 212012
I remember these fondly.  I worked for Blockbuster video for years (well over a decade) and we used to get all kinds of cool standees for new releases coming out.  I’ve owned two of the original theatrical Buzz Lightyears.  One of them actually had blinking lights on Buzz Lightyear’s wings.  Those were far too large for home use, and I wound up passing them along to someone else.
Buzz’s colors are vivid, his pose is pure Buzz Lightyear.  If I was afraid of the dark, having Buzz stand guard at night would make me feel much safer!!  (Though one review said his child was actually afraid of it…)  This Buzz Lightyear standee is, obviously, 27″ x 48″.  The proportions aren’t specified, but since he’s not shown with his wings out, it looks safe to assume he’s taller than he is wide.  When ordering, if you price around, watch out for the height.  Not all Buzz standees are full height, even if they say ‘life size’.  Some claim ‘life size’, but are actually closer to 3 feet tall.
Typically, if you’re not familiar with them, standees are made of sturdy cardboard, and have an extended piece in back to make them stand on their own.  They can easily be leaned up against a wall as well.  I’ve used double-sticky tape to attach mine to the wall.
From my own experience, I’d recommend placement away from traffic areas.  My son (and myself as well) has been known to knock our standees over.  Being only cardboard, it doesn’t take that kind of treatment very well.
I’m not completely sure these are suitable for small children (not if you want the standee to last) unless you have a safe place to stand them.  They make a great theme backdrop for a Buzz Lightyear display collection.

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