Jun 202013

Buzz Lightyear and Woody PosterIt’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.  Haven’t given up on Buzz, just ran out of time in the daily grind.  Keep hoping to re-prioritize, but you know how that goes.  Today was different.  My job at the paper is full time now (as with so many things, that’s good and bad, depending) and I actually get a lunch break.  So today, went home for lunch like usual.  Made one of my favorite meals, cottage cheese with grapes and bananas.

Sat down at the computer to eat and play a little.  Then Mom came home.  She’d been out.  Running errands, shopping, just going about her usual Friday stuff.  She unlocked the door, came into the living room, walked down the hall, and when she turned the corner into our room… she had this great Buzz Lightyear and Woody poster!

Gotta love her!!!  She knows how much I enjoy Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear.  This poster is maybe 18″ x 12″, and made out of a thin plastic.  The images are form-shaped, and follow the contours of the characters.  It has some aging, and a little wear, but is in perfectly useable condition.  The art is Disney-accurate.  Correct colors, proportions, facial expressions.  It was made by Peachtree Playthings.  This was probably a promo poster for a toy display somewhere.  I’m just glad it’s mine now!

She found it at the Salvation Army for .69 cents…  I told her what’s important is not how much the poster cost, it’s how much the poster is worth.  To me, it was really awesome.  My first thought was to add it to the Buzz Lightyear display cabinet out in the exercise room.  But Monique and Mom both took note that Buzz (and Woody) will fit on the wall just behind my digital piano.  So without even having to be devious about it, I get to hang my new poster on the wall right by the Marvel PVC figurine collection!

For now, it’s just … up there.  Propped on top of the piano.  Later, I may frame or matte it.  Either way, it’s a great and unique Buzz Lightyear wall display.

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