Aug 042012

Monique has done it again- she went to a nearby yard sale this morning while I was still sleeping.  When she got back, I was barely aware of her climbing back into bed.  I rolled over, and heard a humming noise.  Opened one eye, to see her gleefully holding a spinning Buzz Lightyear toy over my head!  His wings and upper torso spins on a flashlight-like handle.  The wingtips light up. A simple push-button controls on/off.

I can remember years ago, when working at Blockbuster video, we used to sell this particular Buzz Lightyear, but we sold out before I bought one.  Can’t remember the price, but it seemed reasonable at the time.  He’s hard (or maybe impossible) to find any more.  Unless I’m looking for the wrong title.  Searched Amazon, eBay, and Google without finding any like him.

Buzz has obviously seen combat with young children.  Puts me in mind of the day-care scene in Toy Story III.  But he still spins, and his lights still light up.  Now that he’s been rescued from the yard sale table, he’ll be joining my other Buzz Lightyear toys.  If anybody knows where to find Spinning Buzz for sale, let me know and I’ll share the link.  For now, it looks like he’s a highly-collectible, one-of-a-kind treasured memento of days gone by…   :^)

If a source turns up, I’ll post the link here.

Buzz was spinning while I took the picture, so you can see a light trail on the right.

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  2 Responses to “My New (Used) Spinning Buzz Lightyear Toy”

  1. I have just purchased this same Buzz Lightyear toy at a yard sale and would like to know if you have found any information in regard to the value of this particular toy? I also could not find any information about this to on the internet..Any information would be very much appreciated.

    • Hi Cathy,
      I never did find any source for him. I got mine the same way you got yours. Mine’s a bit beat up, but still works. I know when the store I worked in a few years ago had him, he was under $10,but can’t remember the exact cost. As far as current value, I suspect it’s not very high. Since they’re so hard to find, you might try listing him on eBay for a high price (maybe $20) and see what happens. Condition on mine is too beat up to be anything but a personal collectible. But he’s important to me. :^)

      Thanks for the question!

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