Dec 032012

My favorite Buzz Lightyear ornament. Click the pic to see at Amazon!

My nephews Trevor and Chauncey were visiting yesterday.  Chauncey had seen it all before, but Trevor was entranced by my own personal ‘magic kingdom’.  I took him to my private domain in the second floor of our shed.  All my best toys are on display up there, including a home-built cabinet chock-full of my favorite space man.  He asked, “How many Buzz Lightyear toys do you need?”

I answered “More.  Always more.”

It’s the truth.  I don’t even mind duplicates.  We all have our quirks.  So what if I’m a 50-something man who’s hero is a a toy from a cartoon?  To me, he stands for something.  He believes in right and wrong, knows which side he’s on, and is quick to take action when he sees the need.  And he’s the coolest toy ever.

Monique and I sell on eBay, and I write a blog about our store and eBay in general.  This being the end of November, it seemed a good time to mention Christmas Ornaments.  One thing led to another, started talking about my Buzz and Toy Story ornaments, so of course I had to look and see what’s new in the way of Toy Story ornaments.

Turns out it’s pretty easy to find ornaments for Buzz Lightyear.  Considering I’ve only got two so far, there’s plenty of room there for expansion.  I’ve currently got the Toy Chest with Buzz, Woody, and friends in the chest and looking out.  I also have the one where Buzz and Woody are flying, like the final scene in the first Toy Story movie.  I’ll have to say, that’s probably my best ever ornament.  (And that’s saying a lot… Monique and I used to sell ornaments, we had thousands to choose from!)

I’m not much of a Christmas tree fan.  Too commercial, a ton of aggravation to set up and tear down, and it makes my allergies act up something fierce.  I’m getting all sniffly just thinking about it.  Yet, even as I grump about it, I always go along with the tree.  But I’m thinking, you know, if I had a Buzz Lightyear Christmas tree this year, and could fill it with Toy Story ornaments, that would be pretty darned awesome.  Enough to make me actually like Christmas Trees again!!

My Newest Buzz- a Hallmark Ornament!

I’ve got three ornaments now (just bought a new one last night)!  Told Mom it was going to be our tree-topper; it wouldn’t really work, he’s only 3 1/4 inches tall.  But I’m off to a good start…  surely it wouldn’t be that hard to find a tree-full by Christmas time?

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