Feb 202013

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Based on possibly the scariest scene out of all three Toy Story movies… but made cute and colorful.  Now your child has the chance to rescue Buzz Lightyear for himself.  This brightly colored playset features Buzz, Lotso, three LGM’s (little green men), a small green/red bulldozer, and some assorted play pieces.  Plus, of course, the landfill.

The art has Fisher-Price’s usual Imaginext style applied.  Buzz doesn’t have his normal looks.  He’s a bit more cartoony, and bit simpler in design.  The proportions are more exaggerated, with narrow waist and wide shoulders.  The hands and feet flare out to give him a streamlined feel.  The face is recognizable as Buzz Lightyear, but again, more cartoonish.  It’s not bad, but has a very specific “Imaginext” feel to the style.

The differences from Buzz’s normal art style will only matter if you’re a purist.  If you happen to be a child looking for a great playset, it’s perfect.  All the pieces have a friendly, childish feel to them.  All in good fun.  Given the intensity of the movie scene that inspired this set, I could see this being a good way to make that scene less frightening to the very young children.  Heck, I’m over 50 and found some of the imagery disturbing.  On a par with Woody’s nightmare of being thrown away in Toy Story 2.

This set is a reversal of my typical reviews.  Mostly I view toys with an eye to whether they’d fit my own collection, and secondarily as to what kind of actual toy they are, and how playable they might be.  The Tri-County Landfill looks far more suited to be a child’s play toy rather than a collectible.  I still like it.  Fisher-Price is a quality company, and my experiences with them have always been good.  The Imaginext line brings it’s own unique sensibilities to the table.  All in all, a very cool toy set with plenty of scope for fun and playability.

Probably won’t be adding this one to the collection.  But if I was buying for a young Toy Story fan, it would be an easy choice.

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