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Spanish Speaking Buzz Lightyear is an excellent addition to the Toy Story lineup.  I love that he’s true to Toy Story 3, when Buzz was accidentally put in Spanish speaking mode.  The build is typical of a high-quality 12″ Buzz action figure.  Plenty of articulation, including wrists and fingers.  This Buzz comes with ALL the prerequisites… Of course, he speaks Spanish.  Of the three small buttons on his right chest, the Blue one offers one of 19 different Spanish phrases.  The Red button speaks in English.  The English speech is in the REAL voice of Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), and speaks 15 different sayings.

His helmet retracts, his wrist communicator flips up.  Push the large round red button, and his wings pop out.  This is one of the new generation of Buzz figures with movie-accurate wings, which is just awesome.  No more stubby pop-out wings.  The wingtips light up with flashing red and green lights.  The jetpack flashes red light off and on.  Another movie-accurate (to Toy Story 1) feature is the karate action.  Spanish speaking Buzz has the karate chopping arm, activated by a button on his jetpack.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a pretty common issue, so let me reiterate: the new style of wings are designed to pop off with a certain amount of pressure.  Rather than break, they snap off and back on.  Getting them back on is something of a procedure (see guide here)  but I think it’s great protection against accidents.

Other than that, he comes with the laser button on his arm, and his face is a different design than normal.  Still in perfect ‘Buzz Lightyear’ character, but it’s more evocative of how Buzz acted in TS3 when he was “Spanish”.

One thing that Spanish Buzz lacks is the “Play/Demo” switch from the movie.  This is a little odd, because I have two other Buzz figures that DO, so it shouldn’t have been that hard to add.  But still, this is a fabulous version of our favorite spaceman, with added features that actually make sense within the context of the movie.

Of the available customer reviews, he rates an average 4 1/2 stars, with absolutely NO BAD REVIEWS!  Many rave about him, especially how durable he is with children.

Final thoughts:  Only the best here.  He’s on my wishlist, and I already have his place picked out, right next to my TS2 movie-accurate Buzz with the antigrav belt!

The video below is a little shaky at times, but clearly focused and does an excellent job of highlighting his features.

TS3 Buzz Lightyear English Spanish Talking Action Figure
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List Price: $24.50

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Product Description

Poseable Buzz Lightyear speaks English and Spanish just like in the movie. Press red button and Buzz speaks English. Press blue or green and he speaks Spanish.

Product Details

  • Over 25 English / Spanish Sayings
  • Pop Out Wings, retractable helmet and “laser” light

Customer Reviews

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