Disney / Pixar Toy Story 3 Exclusive UCommand Buzz Lightyear with Remote Control

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Feb 182012

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 UCommand Buzz Lightyear with Remote Control … That’s kind of a mouthful.  But in a good way.  This is one of the best Buzz Lightyears I’ve seen.  There are probably 3 in my collection that are in his class, but none that outclass him.  (Can you tell I want one?  This Buzz has been wish-listed!)
Feature-wise, he’s pretty great.  First of all, UCommand Buzz is taller than usual, at 13″ tall.  The current model speaks over 70 phrases in English and Spanish.  Comes with an infra-red remote with joystick controls plus command buttons.  Using the buttons, you can make Buzz spin, swoosh, fire lasers, and make complex movements.  Using the programmable buttons, you can create your own move sequences, with over 1,000 possible combinations.  Or just take direct control with the joysticks.
The usual buttons on his chest will make him talk, and his laser arm button triggers light and sounds.  Buzz can dance, spin, move forward and back.  His movements are very crisp and enjoyable (at least, as long as the 7 AA batteries are strong!)  When you ignore him too long, Buzz will go into a ‘hibernation’ mode to save batteries.

As much as I like him, there are two major weaknesses in Ucommand Buzz’s design.  First, no wings.  I guess the electronics and other features took up too much space, or maybe the weight versus power drain was too unreasonable.  Whatever the reason, no wings.  Be warned.  Second, he doesn’t roll well on carpet.  Buzz needs a smooth solid surface to really do his thing.

With his size and weight, his playability is more “put him on the floor” than “haul all over creation under my arm”.  If you’re considering this one, I would definitely factor in the use he’s going to get.  For me, he’s perfect.  Put him on the floor, sit in my chair, and run Buzz through his paces.  Or proudly on display in a place of honor with the rest of my collection.

Final thoughts:  C’mon, you know what I’m thinking.  I’m entranced with this one.  He’s high on my list.

I like him so much, he gets TWO videos- one is the actual commercial, and one is a review.  (In the review, ignore the part about 1000 phrases.  The reviewer confused that with the 1,000 action combos.  But it’s still a nice review.)

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 U-Command Buzz Lightyear
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U-Command Buzz Lightyear
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