Toy Story 3 Talking Plush Buzz Lightyear 7 inch

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Sep 112012

Okay, this Buzz is pretty cute.  He’s plush, he’s a good size for toddlers, and his voice is activated by a simple press in the chest area.  Easy enough for just about anybody.  The art style is recognizably Buzz Lightyear.  His uniform is fairly standard, though adapted for a small-scale plush toy.  The face is a little bit different from his norm, yet still within parameters.  The curlicue on his chin, the expressive eyebrows, the purple headgear.  I suppose it’s mainly his smile that seems mildly off to me.  It’s not ‘wrong’, it’s just not a typical expression for Buzz.

The colors are nice and crisp, though with a little play, you KNOW that white is going to get dingy after a while.  The website doesn’t mention cleaning, but I have to assume he’ll have to be hand-washed without getting soaked.  After all, he has enough electronics to say a few phrases, I really doubt that would survive a trip through the washer.

Speaking of… speaking… his voice is a reasonable likeness.  I don’t think it’s the original voice, for two reasons.  One, toys that use the original voices usually advertise that quite plainly.  Two, some of his phrases don’t seem quite right.  I mean, “To infinity and beyond!” works for me.  But one sentence in particular doesn’t seem in character.  As best I can make it out, he says “Silence, minions of Zurg – You’re in the custodies of Galactic Alliance.”    Grammar check, anybody?

Believe it or not, I found a short video clip on Youtube.  I’ve included it here so you can see for yourself.

Yes, he’s cute.  And really, the voice/phrases are fine.  He looks good.  I like him overall, with one big problem:  you can’t replace the battery.  Never.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Unless you’re the clever resourceful type who can slice him open, figure out what he needs, reassemble, replace the stuffing, and re-stitch him.  That’s a lot of effort for a low-cost toy.  At the moment, he’s selling for under $2.00, so before going to all that trouble, it might be easier just to order another.  But still… that seems disappointing.

Because of the battery issue, I’d have to say… he’d be great in a collection, but not for toddlers.  I sure wouldn’t want to tell my child “Sorry dear, but Buzz will never talk again.”  Unless you don’t mind replacing Buzz on an as-needed basis.  :^)

Toy Story 3 Talking Plush Buzz Lightyear 7 inch
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Toy Story 3 Talking Plush Buzz Lightyear 7″. You press his chest to talk. The Batteries CAN NOT be replaced. For Ages 4 and up.
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