Playskool Mr. Potato Head Toy Story 3 Movie – Spud Lightyear

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Feb 202012

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Spud Lightyear…  I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw this one!  What a delightful sense of humor  :^)
Spud Lightyear is a clever and lighthearted parody of Buzz Lightyear.  Standardized full-sized potato, compatible with other Mr. Potato Head kits.  He comes with eyes, nose, teeth, two arms, shoes, visor, jet pack, back plate and the chest piece.

Titled after Toy Story 3, but I don’t really see anything to differentiate it from one movie to the next.  That aside, this Mr. Potato Head would be an excellent addition to a pre-existing playset, or a fun introduction to the potato-head world.  Especially if Buzz Lightyear or Toy Story is already a favorite in the house.

Customer reviews were high.  On a 1 to 4-star scale, there was one single 1, 2, and 3-star rating, with all the rest coming in at 4 and 5 stars.  The lower ratings were for mixed causes.  One complained of cheap parts, though another customer disagreed.  The most realistic lower rating was because the child wasn’t old enough to manipulate the parts and quickly lost interest.  I would definitely consider the child’s maturity level before buying this toy.  It may be recommended for children 2 years and up, but not every child has the same interests.

I have a friend with a young Buzz Lightyear fan who also enjoys Mr. Potato-head.  She brought up a point that I see holds true here.  Years ago, the original potato head toys had 2 feet, each separate.  Modern potato-heads usually have the feet molded together as one single piece.  Not sure why they changed that, but her personal opinion is that Playskool ought to go back to individual feet.  This isn’t so much a good or a bad thing, just an observation.

Overall, Spud Lightyear does a great job of capturing the ‘feel’ of Buzz’s character.  The colors are great, the details are very nice.  Spud also has the usual storage compartment on his backside, though I don’t expect all these parts to fit inside.

Final thoughts:  I like this whimsical Spud Lightyear.  He made me laugh, and for that alone I give him points.  Do I want him in my collection?  No, not really.  But he’s a great addition to the potato-head lineup, and any child interested in potato-toys or Toy Story should get a huge kick out of him!

The video below gives a great look at Spud, and shares some interesting points:

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Toy Story 3 Movie - Spud Lightyear
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (24)
List Price: $10.99
Sale Price: $48.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Get ready for out-of-this world fun with a wild and wacky astro-tot. Your Spud Lightyear figure has all of the accessories he needs to look just like spaceman character from the Toy Story 3 movie – and it’s up to you to take the accessories and give him a crazy new look. His jetpack where his ear should be? A set of teeth instead of a nose? The kookier the look, the better for this high-frying hero. The potato body comes with one pair of eyes, one nose, one set of teeth, two arms, one chest piece, one visor,….

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