Playhut Toy Story Big Buzz

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Feb 222012

Playhut Toy Story Big Buzz is a great idea.  Sort of like a ‘habitrail’ for kids!  Comes with a nearly life-sized Buzz Lightyear, and flanked on either side by play cubes.  The cubes include ball targets and a launcher, and it’s all easily assembled with twist technology and velcro ties.

One thing I really like about Playhut systems is their modularity.  Other Playhut sets can be connected with this one.  Again, there’s the ‘habitrail’ reference- just keep building!

The product description claims Buzz is lifesize, but he’s not quite THAT large.  To give credit, though, he’s nearly 5 feet tall, which is plenty tall enough to thrill a young Toy Story fan.  The wings and arms are detachable, and apparently the head is, too.  I’ve seen reports of children ‘wearing’ the parts and running around as Buzz Lightyear.

Currently, Amazon only has 6 customer reviews.  The lowest review was 3 stars out of 5.  She reported trouble getting the velcro to do it’s job.  Even so, her children still loved it.  All other reviews were 4 and 5-stars, with lots of enthusiasm from parents AND children!

I’ve seen similar toy systems in our local Bed Bath and Beyond, going for nearly $70.  Compared against that, and including free shipping, the pricing at $45 seems very reasonable for the return.

Final thoughts:  I like the Playhut design.  When I was a kid, we draped sheets over chairs and tables to make our tunnels.  This looks MUCH cooler!

Playhut Toy Story Big Buzz
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List Price: $59.99
Playhut Toy Story Big Buzz TunnelChildren can step inside the life size Big Buzz tunnel and enjoy their favorite Toy Story moments with Playhut Toy Story Big Buzz Tunnel. Big Buzz stands 5 feet tall with detachable wings and arms. With patented twist-n-fold technology for easy set-up and storage, the Big Buzz Tunnel also features two cubes with ball targets and a ball launcher that makes play all the more fun. Age: 3 to 7 yearsFeaturesLife-size Big Buzz Tunnel Big Buzz with detachable wings and arms Two cubes with ball targets and a ball launcher Patented twist-n-fold technology for….

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