Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear Alternative Adult Costume Kit

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Aug 152012
This is a great costume accessory, but be very clear… The Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Disguise Accessory Kit is NOT an entire costume.  As the (rather long) title states, it’s a costume accessory kit.  You get the purple hood, with circular ear panels to mimic a spaceman’s hood liner.  You get Buzz Lightyear gloves. And you get a 43″ wide inflatable Buzz Jetpack.  The inflatable jetpack is nicely designed to mimic Buzz’s jetpack.
These are all great accessories, but I can’t stress enough… the actual costume is NOT included!
I already have a Buzz Lightyear t-shirt,  if I buy this hood/glove/jetpack kit, All I’d need are some appropriate pants!  I haven’t done Halloween in a number of years, but if I could gear up with this, I’d be hitting the neighborhood streets with my candy bag!  (At least I wouldn’t be running through the streets making whooshing noises…)
I do like this Buzz Lightyear costume kit.  A lot.  That being said, it would have been nice if they’d included boots.  Too bad, but what you get for your money is a good deal and a great way to make your already existing Buzz costume stand out a little bit better.
Toy Story - Buzz Lightyear Alternative Adult Costume Kit
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List Price: $27.00
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Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Character hood, gloves and inflatable jet pack. Shirt and pants not included. One size fits most adults.
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