Buzz Lightyear Birthday Candle: Wilton Toy Story Candle Set 2811-7770

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Sep 212012
Another really cool Toy Story party favor.  This one is a Buzz Lightyear candle standing slightly over 3″ tall.  His colors are a bit on the pastel side, not nearly as bright as normally portrayed.  But They’re nicely done, in a ‘toned-down’ sort of way.  The candles are hand-painted, which appeals to me.  For an inexpensive, mass-produced, hand-painted candle, the features are great.
I might not accept the paint job in a more expensive toy, but for a candle that’s (most likely) going to light up someone’s birthday cake, the quality is very acceptable.  The proportions are good, the detailing fine (again, considering this is made of wax and expected to be burned).  They did an excellent job capturing Buzz’s personality.
The flat base means he stands well on his own.  It also means he’s going to pull the frosting off the cake when it’s time to remove him.  If that matters to you, I’d recommend getting 4 candles, and mounting one at each corner of the cake, but not actually on the cake.  (It’s a round cake?  Just imagine the corners are there…)
Personally, I’d like that.  A square or rectangular sheet cake, possibly multi-layered tiers .  A Buzz candle at each corner, and maybe some small (like the Buddy Packs) Toy Story figures on the edges of the tiers.  I could really get into this!
Actually, my sister-in-law did a cake for me when I turned 50, that was similar.  But far more personalized.  She actually sculpted many of my favorite super-heroes out of fondant, and built them onto the cake.  One of the figures was her own personal creation of me, if I was a super-hero!  It meant a lot to me.  Enough that I preserved all the figures I could in a clear block of lucite.  Turned out great… except the Hulk’s toes stick out a little bit.  For the whole story, (and incriminating pictures), feel free to click on the link and see my 50th birthday cake.
As far as the Toy Story birthday candle, I would enjoy seeing them at my next party…  :^)
Wilton Toy Story Candle Set 2811-7770
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Always a party favorite, Toy Story candle is handpainted with fun details
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