Toy Story 3 Buzz Flying Petite Cake Topper

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Sep 272012
More Toy Story themed party favors!  I can’t believe it took me this long to think of looking for Buzz lightyear under party favors…
This one is a classic Buzz Lightyear pose as he flies across the galaxy.  He looks pretty good in the one close-up picture provided.  I could wish for a clearer pic, and a view of the back.  But from what can be seen, he looks right.  At least enough so that it has that correct ‘Buzz Lightyear’ feel to it.
The sculpt and the pose appeal to me.  Not enough detail on the picture to make out the painting quality, but it seems at least decent.  Though they’ve got the wings solid green, that’s not a deal-killer in this case.  One thing I don’t like… the picture shows the cake topper on top of a small roundish cake.  It’s an excellently designed cake, but my first assumption was to think it was all part of the topper.  I was wrong.  The topper itself is comprised of ONLY the Buzz in flight figure.  If you look carefully, (it blends in with the white frosting) you can see the round base that keeps Buzz upright.
At least the price, size, and overall quality make more sense now.  At first I was trying to figure out how they did all that for the price.  Now I know… they didn’t.  So be sure and look twice.  It’s not a big sculpted topper, it’s just a small figurine of Buzz.
As small plastic figurine cake toppers go, it’s a very nice one.  I’d enjoy seeing it on my birthday cake… but I think I’d want a bit more.  A few figures here and there on the cake, maybe some nice decorated images in the frosting.  But as part of an ensemble cake decoration, it’s a great topper.
On the other hand, I like it very much simply as a small pvc plastic Buzz Lightyear figurine.  I don’t require high detail on the small ones (though it’s always cool when one does have it).  It’s a great small piece to include as a background support item for my larger figures.
Toy Story 3 Buzz Flying Petite Cake Topper
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