Feb 112013

I wound up opening the package after all. I know, I’m a big kid! (Click for Amazon Link)

This is a pretty unusual set for me. On more than one count. First, my collection is almost exclusively good guys. Yet here’s Buzz included  in a Villain’s set of figurines. It kind of hurts my feelings to find Buzz cast as a villain. After all, he didn’t KNOW he was joining the villains. They seemed so nice at first.

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I typically only collect Buzz Lightyear. But when a whole set drops into my lap, and Buzz is one of the set characters, I’m not going to turn it down. Though I really tried this time. Monique and I had an opportunity to buy several random sets of Disney and Marvel characters for our eBay business. It was fully my intention to ‘be good’, and sell these.
That intention faded away when it was time to take pictures for the listings. A bird in the hand is worth more… or maybe a Buzz Lightyear in the set is worth more than an unsold listing on eBay.

The entire set contains Buzz Lightyear, Lots-O’-Huggins Bear, Big Baby, Twitch, Chunk, Stretch, and Sparks. The packaging is nice enough to display as is. No need to remove the characters from the box.

These are not toys, strictly speaking. They’re figurines. Small PVC characters, around 3.5 inches tall. No joints, no articulation, no movement. They make great display pieces. Excellent cake toppers. Decent toys. Just understand up front, they’re strictly figurines.

Quality is good. The painting is clean and simple, the colors just right for the characters. The villains are nicely represented, though of course my emphasis is on Buzz. The painting and the sculpt do a good job capturing his character. His colors lean toward ‘pastel’. I prefer bolder colors personally, but that’s just a minor note.

If you’re like me and prefer Buzz, this set might not be to your taste. But if you want a unique collection of Toy Story characters, this hits the spot. Buzz Lightyear in a villains collection. That makes it different enough to justify keeping the whole set.

Given how nicely they’re packaged, the whole set will go well as is. I may take off the top plastic bubble. Or not. It depends on whether my goal is to see them clearly, or keep dust off them.  (Edit:  I wound up opening the package to take a clearer picture.  For dust protection, I can leave the cover back on, though.)

Either way, as PVC collectible Toy Story figures, this is a great set.

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