Jan 202012

I’d like to dedicate this post to the more current Buzz Lightyear wings.  You know, the movie-accurate wings.  These wings were one of the biggest and most visually pleasing improvements ever added to Buzz.  Finally, after years and years of the stupid stubby wings that only extended horizontally, they did it right.  Proper proportions, blinking green and red lights, and they even move right.  Now, they extend fully while swiveling out from a vertical storage position to the horizontal flight position.

It’s about time.  So far, most of my Buzzes are old-school.  But I’m slowly building my collection to the more modern design.

On most of the customer reviews, though, you’ll see one complaint, over and over.  The wings break.  They pop off.  Some people even puzzle over the wire connecting the wings to Buzz.

Here’s the deal:  It’s deliberate.  On purpose.  Yep, turns out it’s a safety feature!

(Before anybody gets upset here, yes, the wings CAN be broken.  I’m sure some of those reports are legitimate.  But most of the time, you can kind of tell they aren’t aware that it’s actually a feature.)

Here’s what the instructions have to say about it:  “Buzz’s space wings are designed to pop off if too much pressure is applied to them or if the toy is dropped.  The wings are conveniently attached to Buzz by wire.  To re-attach the wings, pull of the wing pack cover and insert the wings back on the hinge barrel as shown (dia. k).  Replace wing pack cover.”

Here’s the above-mentioned diagram k:

Buzz Lightyear's Pop-off wings

So when you see reviews talking about the wings breaking, remember this and read between the lines.  If it truly sounds like they broke, fair enough.  But chances are, they just popped off, as they are supposed to, in order to prevent really and truly breaking.


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  2 Responses to “Buzz Lightyear Space Wings Pop-Off Safety Feature”

  1. Thanks. My sons Buzz’s wing popped out of the socket. We thought it was broken but I noticed the batteries were under there. So, I figured the wings back pack must come off but I could not see actual working screws to undo. So, I did a search on the internet on how to fix wings on Buzz lightyear. Wound up on your post here and presto… My son is happy again and I am now the hero. Popped the wing back into the socket and away we go. Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Rob, Thanks for letting me know. Nothing cooler than making a child happy. I’m glad this helped!

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