Nov 302012

Cupcakes? What cupcakes? This is my mini-Buzz display stand! (Click the pic to see at Amazon)

The Disney Toy Story Cupcake Stand is made out of cardboard, with designs featuring my favorite spaceman and friends.  Even though Buzz Lightyear isn’t part of the official title, he’s got prominent placement through the design.

It’s true, a cupcake stand isn’t part of my normal interests, but in this case, there’s a certain space ranger that makes it fun.  Besides, you may not believe it but I actually have this!  Mom got it for my big 50-year blowout birthday party.  It did fine with cupcakes, but the real reason I have still have it is because it makes a great display stand for my smaller Buzz figures.

The stand… stands… 12 inches tall, with a bottom base of 9 inches.  As far as cupcakes go, my impression is that it’s a bit small.  I suppose smaller child’s cupcakes would work fine.  The height isn’t so bad, but you just can’t fit that many cupcakes on the platters. It worked really well as the cupcake centerpiece display, and room for the rest all around it.

Also, the stand is not extremely sturdy.  A few careless children all reaching for a cupcake, it seems highly likely someone’s going to knock some cupcakes to the floor.

Do I recommend this one?  Kind of a hard call to make.  If you’re going to use it for actual cupcakes, then I recommend you keep the cupcakes small, and the stand somewhere visible so they’ll enjoy it, but out of reach, so it won’t be knocked over.

If, like me, you want it for a display stand, then yes, I’m more comfortable recommending it.  Put it on a stable shelf somewhere, artfully pose a few Buzz Lightyear mini figures around it, and it’s a winner.

Price is where I have to draw the line though.  For a few pieces of lightweight cardboard, the current price is $7.84.  That’s marginal already.  If you have to pay shipping too, then it’s a deal-breaker.  If it was a better price, or had free shipping, I’d be happier.

What it really boils down to, is how much of a die-hard Buzz fan is it for?  If you’re doing a full Buzz/Toy Story themed party, then by all means, go for it.

You see why I’m having a hard time making the call here.  I like it… but not for cupcakes… and not at the current price.  Try Wal-Mart, if you have the option.  I’ve heard it’s less than $5.00 in-store.  That’s where Mom got mine from.

If you do get it, at least it’s got some after-the-party usefulness!


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