Aug 212012
I remember these fondly.  I worked for Blockbuster video for years (well over a decade) and we used to get all kinds of cool standees for new releases coming out.  I’ve owned two of the original theatrical Buzz Lightyears.  One of them actually had blinking lights on Buzz Lightyear’s wings.  Those were far too large for home use, and I wound up passing them along to someone else.
Buzz’s colors are vivid, his pose is pure Buzz Lightyear.  If I was afraid of the dark, having Buzz stand guard at night would make me feel much safer!!  (Though one review said his child was actually afraid of it…)  This Buzz Lightyear standee is, obviously, 27″ x 48″.  The proportions aren’t specified, but since he’s not shown with his wings out, it looks safe to assume he’s taller than he is wide.  When ordering, if you price around, watch out for the height.  Not all Buzz standees are full height, even if they say ‘life size’.  Some claim ‘life size’, but are actually closer to 3 feet tall.
Typically, if you’re not familiar with them, standees are made of sturdy cardboard, and have an extended piece in back to make them stand on their own.  They can easily be leaned up against a wall as well.  I’ve used double-sticky tape to attach mine to the wall.
From my own experience, I’d recommend placement away from traffic areas.  My son (and myself as well) has been known to knock our standees over.  Being only cardboard, it doesn’t take that kind of treatment very well.
I’m not completely sure these are suitable for small children (not if you want the standee to last) unless you have a safe place to stand them.  They make a great theme backdrop for a Buzz Lightyear display collection.
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