Jul 212013

BuzzForeverStampsBuzz Lightyear Forever!  Or, at last on a Forever Stamp.  I’ve never noticed these before- the USPS has been doing it’s “Art of Disney” stamps since 2004.  This particular stamp is part of a pane full of Disney characters, from “Cars”, “Ratatouille”, “Wall-E”, and “Up”.  And of course, Toy Story.  I’m not a stamp collector, so I guess somehow this just zoomed right past me.  Until Monique ordered a sheet for my collection.

The plate I’ve got, showing Buzz Lightyear surrounded by LGM… Little Green Men… was first released in 2011, according to a post on the Los Angeles Times blog.  It’s news to me.  Not sure exactly how they came to Monique’s attention, but she saw them recently, and knew I’d enjoy the Buzz stamp.

She’s right.  And I’m on a roll right now.  Before this it was the promo poster of Buzz and Woody for Peachtree Playthings.  Now it’s the stamps.
Now I’m in a bind.  Being an avid Buzz Lightyear collector, the stamps could just stay in the acetate sealed wrapper, and go on display.  Or, they could get peeled up and stuck somewhere appropriate.  It would look nice having one of these stuck somewhere on my computer monitor.  I don’t usually worry about keeping my toys in the original container.  Normally they just go on display in whatever way seems most fun.  But in this case, I kind of like the whole sheet.  If I open them and stick the individual stamps all over the place, they may not get enough appreciation.

Overall my preference is to keep the stamps in their original sealed bag.  Maybe they can be like a wallpaper background behind some of the figures on display.

She also found some Tarzan stamps, too.  Those appeal to me a lot.  As a Tarzan fan, these are awesome.  But I don’t have a website about Tarzan, so he’ll just have to share this short mention on Buzz’s site.  :^)

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