Feb 092014

It’s been ages since I’ve written here, but I’m finally back.  This is the first of 4 Buzz Lightyears that are waiting on reviews.  The rest will follow as time permits.  For now, let’s take a look at “Buzz is on a Mission”:

It's a Buzz in a box!

It’s a Buzz in a box!

The box he comes in is typical Hallmark design, and about 5 ” tall.  Buzz himself is 3.5 ” tall, and is wrapped in lots of white tissue paper for protection.  The batteries are the kind you see in cameras, and come included in the package.  No installation instructions because, really, why would you need them?  :^)

There’s one shiny silver screw holding his jetpack in place, and what better place could you possibly find for power cells?  I grabbed a tiny phillips head screwdriver and went to town.  Two things caught my attention here.  First, the screw is finely threaded, so it takes longer than you’d expect.  Second, the fit is very tight, and it took a while before I realized it was ready to be opened.

The sculpt is exactly what you’d expect for a Disney/Toy Story product.  High quality all the way.  The detailing is great, right down to the open wrist communicator.  It even has a color decal, which is kind of overkill since the angle makes it unlikely that anyone will see it.  The paint job is sharp and the edges clean.  The colors are a bit muted.  Rather than the very bright colors most Buzz Lightyear toys have, his colors here are more pastel.  If you look under his feet, he has the trademark “Andy” signature.


No moving parts (except for the voice button).  He’s very sturdy, and has a solid heft for his size.  The wings do NOT pop open… “Not a flying toy”.  Buzz’s balance is excellent.  He stands firmly on is feet, with plenty of stability.  There’s no helmet, but that’s an acceptable design choice.  I’d have liked him either way.

The voice is awesome.  Clear, crisp, and very understandable.  I love how high-quality the sound is.  He’s even got more than one phrase.  It’s the voice that led me to make a video of him.  This was originally going to by picture-only, but with audio, he really deserves video.  Plus it provides a chance to show battery installation.

Hallmark plus Disney plus Toy Story is a winning combination.  Just remember if you’re buying for kids, this is a display figure, not an action toy.  As such, and with the built-in speech, this Buzz is a winner.

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