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Drawn for me by a friend for my 50th birthday

Yep, that’s me there.  Actually it’s a gift, drawn by a good friend for my 50th birthday.  I’ve been a fan since the first movie came out in 1995.

Believe it or not, there’s a bit more to me than that.  Yeah, my friends don’t believe me either.  But it’s true.  I started off as  a Navy brat.  Grew up in true ‘Leave it to Beaver’ style.  It was a wonderful childhood.  Didn’t really learn about ‘real life’ until after joining the Air Force.  Talk about out of my depth…  this was where I really learned that not everybody is nice.  But I met some great people, too.  Made lifelong friends there.

Now I’m working at a newspaper.  Married to a lovely lady who enjoys my (ahem) child-like approach to life.  She once told me I’m not as mature as my son.  Meant it as a compliment, and that’s exactly how I took it!

Now that I’m over 50, the only real change is I no longer have ‘toys’.  Now I have ‘collections’.  Because it’s okay to tell people I’m working on my collection…

Let’s see, I used to fish a lot, but don’t much any more.  When the chance comes up, I’d rather go canoeing now.  I like to bicycle, but go in phases.  At my best, was riding 350 miles a month.  Right now, my aerobics work involves running stairs, so the biking is kind of back-burnered for a while.  I try to stay fit, with more or less success.  (Stupid potato chips… why can’t they be calorie-free?)

Of course, I love movies.  Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Galaxy Quest.  That last one is where I got my on-line handle.  Crewman6 was the expendable crewman in Galaxy Quest.  By the end of the movie, he’d become an important part of the team.  There’s a good lesson there.  I play the piano a bit, throw a frisbee now and then.  When I’m on the computer, it’s either to work, or to play Runescape.  My wife plays it too.  She’s a player mod, so I have to behave.   :^)

We both like building models together.  Currently, she’s working on the Revell Classic Monsters.  Done Dracula, doing Werewolf right now.  I’m working on repainting a dragon figurine as kind of a break, but when that’s done, it’s back to super-hero figures.  My all-time favorite hobby, though, has got to be reading.  Been a voracious reader since first grade.  I love real books on real paper, but am just as happy with ebooks.  Had one of the original Kindles, then moved up to a Kindle Fire.  Absolutely love mine.

So that’s me.  Big kid at heart.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the visit!

Oh, and just to be absolutely clear:   I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.  Just because I’m having fun doesn’t mean I can’t earn a meal or two at the same time!!   :^)

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  2 Responses to “About Crewman6”

  1. You have a really nice website here!

    I’m also a big fan of Toy Story, though my main love is the cartoon spin-off, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Do you ever watch that show?

    • Thanks Ranger, I appreciate that! I haven’t watched Buzz Lightyear of Star Command in a long time. I’ve got it on VHS, but haven’t bought the DVD version yet. I pretty much enjoy all versions of Buzz – Some of my collection is from the cartoon designs, though most are from the movies. Buzz is just the coolest toy ever!

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