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Feb 222014

Wind-up Buzz Lightyear

Wind-up Buzz Lightyear

Subheadered: The key to fun!   That’s kind of a cute pun, since this Buzz comes with a key to wind him up with.  I love Buzz Lightyear toys, and my collection is very large by now.  Often Buzz is the de facto gift when family members are choosing Christmas or Birthday gifts.  Lucky for all of us, I like duplicates, so it doesn’t have to be unique… but sometimes someone finds one that’s completely unique, and that’s even cooler.

This year, my John and Anita (my son and daughter-in-law) found something really unique.  A small (about 3 inches tall) wind-up Buzz Lightyear toy.  It’s a spin on the old wind-up toys.  They’ve been around for years, you wind them up, they wobble back and forth while moving forward.  What makes this one different is his wings.  Rather than go with ‘always open’ or ‘always closed’, the wings are spring loaded.  After taking a few steps, they pop open on their own.

Yes, I’m easily amused.  Still, that’s a neat twist.  So is the key.  The ones I’ve seen before usually have a wind-up knob on the side or back.  Buzz’s is on his left side, actually embedded into his elbow.  You can wind it by hand, but it’s easier to use the key.  He gets a reasonable amound of travel on a good winding, maybe a couple of feet.  That may reduce some after I’ve played with him a while.

The color scheme is good, though not as crisp as usual.  His arms are fixed in place.  They’re molded as part of the body, no detachment at all.  The left arm doesn’t even have a shape or outline to separate it from his body.  That’s fine with me, most small wind-up figures lack detail.  It’s probably to keep the overall weight down.  Too heavy with detailed parts and he wouldn’t be able to walk much.

The last element is his face.  Buzz Lightyear’s face feels just a little bit off in the sculpt.  Again, I can live with that.  But the eyes are disappointing.  They didn’t paint his eyes properly, they’re all black with a white reflection.  This is the only part I’m not happy with, and fortunately, a tiny dab of blue paint should fix that.  I build and paint model kits for a hobby, so touching up his eyes won’t be any problem.

In a nutshell:

  • Mechanicals: 5/5 (love the wings popping open)
  • Paint:  3/5 (the eyes are my only real complaint)
  • Sculpt: 4/5 (for a small wind-up toy, it’s typical)

You can see his movement in the video up above.  Overall, he’s a good piece to add to my display collection, but he’ll probably wear out or break easily if treated as a toy.

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